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Adam Tunaley says:

“I didn’t ever imagine I would pass my driving test first time at the age of 17. This was down to Keith’s excellent tuition.”

Anna Harris from Buxted says:

“Thanks for everything Keith, passed first time, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Robert Southgate from Uckfield says:

“Keith’s style of tuition is not just about teaching a student to pass the driving test, but to be a confident and become a well experienced new driver, who is more than prepared for their experiences out on the open road. I enjoyed every minute of learning to drive with Keith, and his straight forward honest approach to me, as a student, allowed for a good level of trust between us. I would highly recommend Keith to anybody seeking a quality driving instructor for the right price.”

Heeva says:

“Both my sister and I have learned to drive with Keith and both enjoyed the experience. I recently passed my practical test with no minors and am confident to drive on my own, many thanks to Keith.”

James from Uckfield says:

“Keith is an excellent instructor. The satisfaction of passing the driving test first time was incredible and I know that my success was entirely down to Keith’s tuition. But in some ways I wish I hadn’t passed so soon… I will really miss the lessons.

“I was taught to make excellent observations from behind the wheel – always planning, always scanning – and I learned to drive smoothly, positively and with complete control of the car. I got so much out of every lesson. Keith is also the best passenger you could have. He’ll stop you crashing the car in your first few lessons, for sure, but I learned so much from our conversations and we had a few laughs along the way too.

“I am confident that I will be a forever-safe and considerate driver, so long as I drive in the excellent way that I was taught to by Keith.”

Conner from Uckfield says:

“Through Keith’s guidance I was able to pass my test first time without any minors.

The whole learning experience with Keith was very enjoyable as I felt relaxed and reassured of my ability. Keith made the learning process feel very natural and he teaches you not just to pass but to become a confident, focused and able driver overall.

I would thoroughly recommend Keith if you are considering taking driving lessons.”